Why Install Gas and Oil Detectors for Your Home?

A leak detection system (SEMRAD) is used to detect any water intrusion, which can range from small leaks, to oil dripping from an underground tank. When water flow is shut down in an area, most systems automatically close down the pipe or line to protect the integrity of your home. If the detection system alerts you that water flow has stopped, you should have the immediate water supply cut off and call a specialist to find the root cause. This can save hundreds in repairs and damage costs.

Advancements in the Field of Leak Detection and Repair

An SEMRAD is used for all types of water infiltration, including residential and commercial applications. The system works both ways – on the detection of small leaks and complete fuel leaks. The system uses a remote-controlled probe that senses any abnormal behavior when water flows through the pipe or fitting. When abnormal movement is detected, the machine shuts off the fuel flow to the whole household immediately by closing a valve inside the leak detector.

If you live in areas with winter temperatures that rarely go below freezing temperatures, you may not need a leak detection system. But, for homes or businesses in regions with extreme cold snaps, especially in the evenings, where the temperature can drop as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s imperative to have fuel leak detection systems, so that emergency restoration can be undertaken quickly. Fuel leaks often occur when heat exchangers freeze, causing water to enter the lines. And, when water enters your pipes, it can quickly freeze once it makes contact with your insulation, reducing your heating efficiency and causing a loss in your home’s electricity bill.

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