The Wedge Seat Cushion by ShapeLabs

The Wedge Cushion by ShapeLabs is the perfect way to support your lower back while sitting at your desk or at your computer. These cushions are built with contour-fit molding that conforms to the natural shape of your lower back, eliminating unwanted bulges and unbuckling the spine. A contour-fit molding profile mimics the shape of your lower back and holds the pillow in place with a patented tongue and groove fastener. These pillows are also made with Memory Foam, an amazing memory foam product that re-inforces the natural support, comfort of the human body. Resources –

The Wedge Seat Cushion by ShapeLabs

The contour-fit Wedge Cushion was designed for office workers who spend long periods of time sitting at their workstations, as well as for those who sit at a computer all day long. Designed with contour-fit memory foam, this wedge cushion maintains the natural curvature of your lower back so that you sit in an even more comfortable position. If you suffer from back pain or other types of lower back discomfort, you know how much time it takes to correct bad postural habits. Most people spend hundreds of dollars a year on chiropractic treatments and other treatments to correct their posture. With the Wedge Cushion, you can eliminate a ton of money from your yearly chiropractic bills. This product has no side effects and is very safe to use.

If you are looking for a new office chair, you should consider the Wedge Cushion by ShapeLabs. This office chair comes in three different colors; black, red and green, making it a very functional addition to any professional setting. You will love how easy to use and maintain this great wedge seat cushion. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the Wedge Seat Cushion by ShapeLabs is ready to help you be more efficient at work. It is made with high quality materials and constructed with ergonomic design to provide maximum support and comfort. No matter if you need a little extra comfort during a stressful meeting or need a simple way to relieve back pain, you will appreciate the ergonomic design of the Wedge Seat Cushion by ShapeLabs.

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