The Coppe Ground Plate – An Excellent Construction Equipment Solution

The Coppe Ground Plate is a copper-digging machine, one of the best in the industry and used by many contractors and manufacturers around the UK. It comes as part of a range of excellent copper ground plate and diggers that can be used to help remove earth and soil from the bottom of trenches and it has a number of benefits over other similar products on the market. These benefits include; it is made from extremely heavy duty equipment that can be left unattended whilst being worked on, it is very robust and durable, and it is fully licensed and insured so you know your investment is protected. This article will take a look at the benefits and advantages of the Coppe Ground Plate.

The Coppe Ground Plate – One Of The Best In The Industry

Firstly, the Company has been granted its fair share of awards including the Diamond award for Business Quality in 2021, which recognises companies that have delivered above standard services and given excellent service to their customers. This Company also has an excellent safety record and has signed the Code of Practice for the construction and manufacture of commercial earthworks equipment. In addition to this the Company has received numerous awards for its safety features and the digging equipment it uses. In fact in 2021 the Company was awarded a Gold Award in the Trentham Diamonds category for its rock breaking machines. All these things are testament to the quality of the Coppe Ground Plate and the dedication of the people who own and operate it.

One of the things that make this equipment so popular with contractors and workers alike is the fact that it comes with a free lifetime ground penetrating warranty. The amazing strength and durability of this machine are underpinned by the steel forged digging bar that forms the base of each digger. This design provides maximum strength and ensures that once the machine is running it will last for many years to come. The cost of this type of digger is slightly higher than other types of equipment on the market, however it is well worth the extra. In many ways it is a ‘one size fits all’ construction equipment solution. This means that regardless of your skills or experience you can benefit from using this machinery.

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