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Romanian personnel recruitment

Agence intérim – The main task of the Romanian personnel recruitment service is to look for skilled Romanian workers. This service provider is being hired by various multinational companies for various purposes like advanced machinery development, IT solutions and machine manufacturing. By finding skilled Romanian workers, these companies are able to save a lot of money on labor cost as well as on development costs. Most of the multinational companies have found out that the Romanian workers have high capacity for technical skills. These workers are highly educated and speak fluent English. They are also trained in computer skills which can be useful for multinational companies.


The Romanian personnel recruitment agency is continuously recruiting skilled staff for the customers since 1994, being continually challenged by numerous requests for professional jobs in several fields. However, the main clients of this service provider are finding professional jobs in the hospitality industry, construction industry, engineering, insurance and shipping. The employer is searching for reliable European partners, so as to provide Romanian low-cost, low-turnover, but highly skilled foreign manpower under multi-subcontracting agreements. The Romanian employer sends his best qualified and capable employees to your company and you pay them on time, so that you can increase your profits.


In order to get the best staff members, the recruitment agency needs to keep up to date with information about the latest candidates from all over Europe. This would enable the provider to send only those candidates who are most suitable for the post. Therefore, it is important for you to hire a Romanian national labour supplier for the purpose of finding professional staff members. By doing so, you will be able to save a lot of money on employing cost of employing locally developed manpower for your business. You can be rest assured that the Romanian national supplier will do everything possible to ensure that he recruits the best quality people in order for your business to succeed.

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