Do I Need A Ground Plate In My Car?

The ground plate is the part of the underbody, that actually holds the wheel in place to the ground. In cars, it’s typically referred to as the ‘dipstick’ because in order to use the car without putting weight on the car, you just flip your hands over and push the wheel out from beneath you. When the wheels are at rest (as they should be when the car is not being driven) this means that the ground effect – that is, the weight that is holding everything together – acts on the wheels in the same way as a set of stairs if there are steps up and down. So if you stand on the steps, then your weight is evenly divided between your upper torso and the bottom, making you feel light and comfortable. The weight distribution is exactly the same when the wheels are placed on the ground plate.

How to choose the best Ground plate?

This is why having a ground plate on a car is crucial to the safety of your vehicle, as it helps reduce the chances of an accident happening. For example, if you were travelling at 50 miles per hour (the speed limit on most roads in the UK), and you had a chance to put weight on the front of the vehicle, it’s likely that the front drive would be damaged instantly. On the other hand, a rear-drive vehicle would have a reduced chance of damage, as the driver would be placing his weight on the back of the vehicle, meaning that the chances of both being damaged would be reduced.

However, even though the ground plate is absolutely essential, there are many drivers who take the option of not having one fitted onto their car. They argue that they do not need the additional weight, or they do not feel that they need it. However, such drivers do need to think again – if they did not have their ground plate fitted, then the risk of the vehicle tipping over will be greatly increased. Not only would the roof of the car be damaged in this accident, but the driver would also likely suffer a broken bone in his leg. Therefore, if you are thinking about driving without the ground plate, then make sure you do the smart thing and get it fitted!

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