Building Inspections Tauranga – An Overview

building inspections Tauranga

Building inspections in Tauranga can be a tedious job, particularly if the inspector is not used to this type of work. With an average size city of about 3500 residents, it can be easy to see how many different businesses and organisations could potentially use building inspection services. For the average resident this can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many buildings around town that may not appear as suspicious by an untrained eye. With building inspections in Tauranga the inspector should be able to check for a few telltale signs, such as cracked foundation walls or major plumbing issues, but there may be other indications to worry about, depending on the site and location. Many buildings will undergo a thorough investigation before being deemed safe to occupy, so whether a tenant is being refused entry to their rental unit or whether major damage has been done, an inspection is always a possibility. Tauranga is also home to a large number of private homes and smaller commercial buildings, so with such a diverse range of structures under the eyes of an inspecting officer there is plenty of scope for error in a building inspection report.

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Because most buildings will have multiple phases of operation, and the inspector is required to cover each phase within the report, some mistakes can slip through the cracks. Mistakes such as an incorrect amount of heating or cooling ducts can be missed, and problems with wiring and ventilation systems can often go unnoticed. Mistakes in pre-purchase surveys can be costly to repair, so making sure that a pre-purchase survey is followed correctly is a necessity. Other types of building inspections tauranga include ones covering alterations, such as additions to a property such as a car port or workshop, and those covering structural integrity of the property.


When undertaking building inspections tauranga, it is important to ensure that all the paperwork is completed and delivered to the building inspector before the start of the job. This can ensure that the inspector has an accurate picture of the work to be done and can then provide the required consent for it. The delivery of all the paperwork, and the signing off of all contracts, should also be carried out well in advance of the start of the project so as to avoid any problems during implementation. Also be sure to check that the building inspector is aware of any restrictions in your region, and that they are aware of the same during the construction process. This can prevent unexpected issues cropping up later.

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